Name and path of the file to which Helix Server errors are written.

Usage Notes

Used by Client? Used by Server? Command-Line Alternative Can be set in P4CONFIG file?



p4d -L file
p4p -L file


Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System Value


Standard error




By default, the location of the log file is in the P4ROOT directory for Windows and in the /opt/perforce/servers/<server-instance>/logs/ directory for a Linux package installation.

If an absolute path and file name is not provided, the log file will be located relative to the P4ROOT directory.

If the Helix Server is up and running, you can find its location by using the command:
p4 configure show P4LOG

If you are on Windows and the server is not running, check for P4LOG in the output of:
p4 set -S Perforce P4LOG
where Perforce is the name of the service that is associated with the Helix Core Server.

See Logging commands in the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.

memory used by command and process

2022.2 release and later: The server log files include an estimate of the memory used by the server to process a command. Tracking output in the P4LOG log file includes output that approximates the number of megabytes of committed, touched memory used by a command.

For example,

--- memory cmd/proc 6mb/10mb.


  • the cmd portion indicates the command used 6 megabytes, and

  • the proc portion indicates that the process or thread had a peak usage of 10 megabytes. Peak usage is relevant when multiple commands are run on the same connection.

See also "command-end" in Using structured logging in Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.

paused state

Logs include the amount of time a command has spent in the paused state. See also p4 monitor pause

Tracking output in the P4LOG log file shows lines such as

--- paused $seconds

Version 56 of the 'CommandEnd' event (1.56) in the structured logs has a new field that represents the same data.

server-to-server network usage on replicas

2022.2 release and later: The track output in server log files has been expanded to include network data for upstream server-to-server communication, such as edge server to commit server. Prior to 2022.2, server log files only tracked the network data for the client or downstream server. The upstream server-to-server communication is recorded as additional rpc lines.

See the examples and explanation at "server-to-server network usage on replicas" in Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.