p4 serverid

Get or set the unique ID associated with a Helix Server.


p4 [g-opts] serverid [serverID]

Syntax conventions


p4 serverid retrieves or sets the unique ID of a Helix Server by reading or writing the server.id file in the server’s root directory.

When you configure servers in a multi-server installation, assign to each server its own unique ID and specify the server configuration for that unique ID.

Back up the server.id file

The server.id file is in the server’s root directory (see P4ROOT), and this file must be backed up. If you are using the p4 server command to configure your servers, and one of your servers suffers a catastrophic data loss, any attempt to restart the restored server requires that the server.id file be present (or be re-created).

serverid and P4NAME

Use the p4 serverid command instead of setting the deprecated P4NAME environment variable. If both P4NAME and serverID are set, make sure that the value of serverID matches the value of P4NAME. Otherwise configuration problems can occur.

serverid and UUID

The p4 serverid command can be run before or after the creation of a server spec. However, if you are creating a server spec with a unique ID (UUID), first run p4 server -g to generate a UUID, and then run p4 serverid serverID where serverID is the UUID.

To create or reset the serverID

If you want to manually add a server.id file or change the server ID:

  1. Run p4 info and make a note of your Helix Core Server root (see P4ROOT).
  2. Stop the server.
    For example:
    p4 admin stop
  3. Remove the existing server.id file.
    For example:
    cd /path/to/your-server-root-directory
    rm server.id

  4. Start the server.
  5. Run the p4 serverid command to assign an new server ID to your server.

    p4 serverid yourNewNameForTheServer

  6. Adjust any configurables associated with the new server ID, yourNewNameForTheServer
    For example:
    p4 configure show allservers
    p4 configure set yourNewNameForTheServer#monitor=2
  7. Adjust the fields of the server specification that depend on the serverID value, such as ReplicatingFrom field.



If supplied, update server.id with the unique ID of the server.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required



list, or super to set the server ID

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