Helix Authentication Service Administrator Guide

Helix Authentication Service enables you to integrate certain Perforce products with your organization's Identity Provider (IdP).

What's new in 2022.1



If you are upgrading to 2022.1:
  • rename ecosystem.config.js to ecosystem.config.cjs

  • change the extension of the file referred to by Logging to be .cjs instead of .js

  • change the extension of the file referred to by IDP_CONFIG_FILE to be .cjs instead of .js

For a complete list of what's new in the product, see the 2022.1 release notes.

2021.2 See the 2021.2 release notes.

Simplifies installation and configuration for package and install script users:

Adds support for using the identity provider's metadata as a file instead of URL. See SAML settings variables > SAML_IDP_METADATA_FILE

2020.2 Supports Installing as a Windows service , as well as running HAS as a Docker container (see Four ways to install HAS)