• Helix TeamHub supports forking for Mercurial and native Git repositories.
  • Creating a fork requires read privileges to the parent repository and the privileges to create a repository in the target project. For more information, please see the project & repository roles section.

Forking refers to creating a copy of a repository for your own use. Forks allow you to do independent development because any changes you make to the fork do not affect the original (parent) repository. The Fork icon is only available for supported repositories.

For information on how to merge your changes back into the parent repository, see the pull requests section under Code Reviews.

To create a fork:

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. Navigate to the repository you would like to fork.

  3. In the repository tree view, click the Fork icon. The dropdown list next to the button lists any existing forks.

    Create fork button

  4. In the Create a fork form, select the project into which you would like to fork the repository.

  5. (Optional) Specify a different name for the fork. By default, the fork has the name of the parent repository.

    Create fork form

  6. Click Create. TeamHub displays the newly created repository.

    Now you can clone the repository and start making changes.