Helix TeamHub supports Mercurial and Git based Wikis.

A Wiki is a repository that you can modify locally. It lets you store project-specific documentation for your team or project, allowing you to keep everything in the same place as your source code and other assets. The Wiki enables you to:

  • See changes in real time with the side-by-side editor.
  • Look through versions to find the right data.
  • Add attachments, include pictures and charts, and insert links.
  • Manage large projects.

Wikis support Markdown syntax.

Add a Wiki to an existing project

Only available if at least one of the supported Wiki repository types is enabled.

  1. At the project scope, in the left pane, click Wiki.
  2. Click Create Wiki.
  3. Configure the following when available:
    • Select Wiki Type dropdown (only available if more than one Wiki repository type is available): Select the repository type to use for the Wiki.
    • Helix Graph Depot dropdown (only available when Git repository type is selected, you are using Helix Git, and the Automate depot creation feature is off for the project): Select the depot to store the Wiki in.
  4. Tip

    Wiki will be created under (read-only): Displays where the Wiki will be created.

  5. Click the Create.
  6. Helix TeamHub creates the Wiki for the project.

Add or edit a page

  1. At the project scope, in the left pane, click Wiki.

  2. In the Wiki view, do one of the following:

    • To add a page, click the plus icon Add icon.
    • To edit a page, click the Edit page button.

    The page form opens in Side-by-side view, showing the content editor pane on the left and the preview pane on the right. If you prefer to only see one of these panes at a time, click Tabs.

  3. For a new page, enter a page title.
  4. In the Editor pane, enter or edit content as needed.

    In Side-by-side view, as you type, the Preview pane shows how TeamHub will render the content.

    To get help on markdown syntax, click the Syntax link at the bottom of the editor. Syntax information displays on the right.

  5. To enrich your content, click any of the links at the bottom of the editor:

    • Attachments to include images, attach files, or link to other Wiki pages
    • Smile icon to insert emoticons
  6. Click Save.

Delete a page

  1. On the page you want to delete, click the trash can icon Delete icon.
  2. When prompted for confirmation, click OK.

    TeamHub removes the Wiki page.