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  • April 23, 2013

    yoda lucasfilm

    We’re known for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie franchises, but few people realize how much Lucasfilm uses the Force: Perforce. As Primary Perforce Administrator at Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd, I’ve been working with the force for over 10 years. At the Merge 2013 conference, I’ll explain the art of using Perforce proxies over a high-latency network to share large amounts of data halfway around the world.

    Though my primary motivation to speak on this topic was free admission to the conference, on a more serious note, we thought that this clever yet simple solution to global collaboration could help others.

  • April 22, 2013

    toy storyPixar is living the “version everything” dream — in technicolor. Via Perforce, Pixar not only tracks movie data and metadata, art and other assets, it triggers rendering of each animation frame on a massive server farm with thousands of cores. Now nearing a decade of passionate Perforce usage, the company is exploring how to manage and mine its big data using enterprise versioning services.

    The Emeryville, CA-based animation studio was put on the map with Toy Story in 1995. By 2004, it had implemented its first Perforce server and forecasted that seven years later they’d need 10 depots. At the 2011 Perforce User Conference, however, Mark Harrison, technical lead for Pixar’s data management group revealed, to audience gasps, that the company had 92 Perforce servers.

  • April 19, 2013

    ccp games eve

    Larger teams, increased collaboration and increasingly complex projects: That pretty much sums up how game development has evolved at CCP — and you could argue that this is a general trend in the software industry. This trend puts increased pressure on versioning.

    Rather than trying to shield your diverse teams from revision control processes, however, you should turn it into a strength: Make versioning the heart of your development process and subsequent operation of your software.

  • April 19, 2013

    perforce engineering

    Perforce is blessed with an outstanding Development team, as demonstrated by all the great new products and features being shown at Merge 2013. Exciting new functionality includes Task Streams, Distributed servers, Clustered servers, major improvements to Commons and Git Fusion, and the creation of two brand new products: Swarm and Insights.

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  • April 18, 2013

    celix logoA new mantra is emerging in the Agile world: Configuration as code. Tools such as Puppet make it easy to automate IT, and have become stars of the DevOps movement. But where do you put your “configuration as code?” As founder and CEO of Celix, an Austrian company specializing in process and configuration management, I’ve considered the alternatives. Many of our clients have tried using distributed version control (DVCS) systems like Git.

  • April 17, 2013

    p4 women engineers

    I love Metallica. I've loved them since the first time I heard "Enter Sandman" in 8th grade and I've been a head bangin', metal lovin' gal ever since. I had a surreal moment at one of their concerts when I walked passed a very, very long line of guys waiting to get into the men's room as I walked right into the ladies' room. Wait! What? Was I dreaming? Was I in the Twilight Zone? Did I get transported into some alternate universe where men waited in long restroom lines and women didn't? But alas, no. For whatever reason, the majority of attendees just happen to be male.

    Fast forward a few years.

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