P4V Visual Client

P4V, the Perforce Visual Client, provides quick and easy access to versioned files through a graphical interface that is consistent across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Gain Flexible Best Practices

Perforce Streams (introduced in Perforce 2011.1) are flexible workflows for best practice branching and merging. Streams [video - 3:22 mins] promote efficiencies such as code reuse, automated merging, fast context-switching, efficient workspace updates, and inherited workspace and branch views. The Stream Graph is a dashboard for easy drag-and-drop branching and one-click completion of common tasks.

Work Privately, Contribute Globally

P4V Overview video screenshot Time-lapse View Developer Video screenshot Revision Graph tool screenshot

P4V provides local copies of project files in the same file/folder hierarchy employed by the native operating system. File state information indicates which file versions are currently on the user's workstation and changed on the Perforce shared versioning service. Multiple users modifying the same file can reconcile conflicts before check-in with a full-featured three-way merge utility.

Collaborate Intelligently

Find out which files are checked out and by whom with P4V’s state information. Preview text, HTML, audio, and video files within P4V. Store temporary copies of open files on the Perforce shared versioning service via shelving. And use shelving for team code reviews and handoffs.

Get a Time-Lapse View

Time-lapse View animates the complete content history of an individual file. In a single window, developers instantly visualize the evolution of a file’s content over time. This unified view can include change history across integration branches, providing a complete record of every line that is or was in a file. See when code was added, changed, or deleted. Each change is identified by date and time, file revision number, and the user who made it.


Visualize Branch and Integration History

Perforce Streams and Stream Graph let you visualize the flow of change.

The Revision Graph displays branch history in tree form, showing the evolution of a specified file and all its file branch points, edits, and merges.

Customize P4V

The Perforce Javascript API for Visual Tools uses the WebKit HTML5 rendering engine so you can create applets (using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS) that extend P4V. Customize P4V by adding tabs and replacing the standard submit dialog with your own implementation. For more details, see the documentation.