Social Coding

Collaborate on Code and Assets with Swarm

Development teams are under increasing pressure to shorten the distance from an idea to usable software. To do so, they need to collaborate better, faster and without sacrificing quality. They need a tool that accommodates development teams that are distributed around the globe. And they need it to be tightly integrated with a versioning platform that's built from the ground up to support Continuous Delivery practices.

Introducing Swarm.

Swarm is a flexible code collaboration platform built on top of the Perforce versioning engine. It enables developers to work together better and faster than ever, improving both the quality of their software and the speed of its delivery. Swarm's social coding features let you share creative ideas immediately, collaborate on the fly, and get early feedback from continuous integration and deployment.

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Perforce Swarm

Swarm is a straightforward web application that can be accessed anywhere. It allows developers to personalize their code reviews—such as side-by-side or vertical comparisons—and comment right inside the code. Activity streams, project pages, notifications and a rich repository browser enable even distributed teams to make better use of Agile methodologies. Its flexible workflows, hooks for continuous integration and automatic deployment help them optimize their software production lines.

Swarm features an elegant, minimalist interface that doesn't get in your way. It leverages social media features like @mentions and short, readable links. Forgot part of the path? No problem—Swarm automatically directs you to where you want to go.

Swarm is the key to rapid multi-site collaboration. It lets programmers chime in on each other’s code immediately, get the feedback they need when they need it and even review code side-by-side. We've been hoping for a tool like this for a long time.”

Marc Desfossés

Lead Tools Programmer, Ubisoft

Key Benefits of Swarm

"Code conversations" enable direct and contextual collaboration at each stage of development. You can comment right inside the code.

  • Code review request
  • In-line code comments
  • Activity stream with filtering (reviews, changes, comments, user, project)
  • Use @mentions in comments to send notifications
  • Comments are displayed in the activity stream and email

Swarm lets you increase your team’s tempo. It brings together all the information a developer needs to deliver quality code faster.

  • Issues/ticketing
  • Code review
  • Automated testing
  • Automated deployment

The Review dashboard saves valuable time by giving teams an easy-to-consume snapshot of review activities across all projects. Its pre-flight review-and-merge capability shows results from both the CI system and from human reviewers.

  • Time since code was sent for review
  • Status
  • Test: Passed or not
  • Reviewers
  • Comments

Everything you need to conduct a comprehensive review—code, documents and assets are just where you need them. You can see the entire review history and customize each review to suit your working style.

  • Full review lifecycle management workflow (pending, approve, reject, etc.)
  • Pre- and post-commit review workflow
  • Review multiple files at a time
  • Inline or side-by-side reviews

Because Swarm leverages the power of the Perforce versioning engine, all comments and conversations are automatically stored along with the code itself.

  • No additional database or client software required

Continuous Delivery

Organizations are increasingly moving to continuous delivery. Doing so means migrating to trustworthy, automated, repeatable processes for taking coding changes through the stages of build, deploy, test and release. Perforce leverages the mainline model recommended by continuous integration practitioners. Tightly integrated with the Perforce versioning engine, Swarm brings distributed development teams closer to the pipeline and provides easy hooks into the continuous delivery workflow.

  • Continuous integration hooks (e.g., Jenkins)
  • Deployment tool integration

Perforce & Git

Developers using Perforce Git Fusion can use Swarm to review the code they’ve submitted from Git alongside colleagues storing code to the Perforce versioning engine.

Support for Distributed Teams

With Swarm, distributed teams can achieve fast Agile collaboration whether they’re sitting side-by-side or on different continents. Swarm servers scale horizontally, and the Perforce versioning service scales by adding replica servers. This makes large-scale or distributed deployments of Swarm a simpler project than deploying a collaboration system that requires both a database and a version management system to be replicated.

Flexible Workflows

Quickly discover coding errors through flexible peer or designated-person review workflows with pre- or post-commit review options.