NetApp이 Perforce Helix로 낮은 대기 시간으로 뛰어난 성능 제공합니다

NetApp, the leader in storage hardware and software, has 4,000+ developers on Helix. Since its implementation, they have realized dramatic improvements in workflow including the ability to manage files at the storage level rather than inside a database.

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Helix VCS를 사용하면 NetApp이 개발에 있어 단일 브랜치 모델을 따를 수 있습니다.

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  • 2,000+ developers in five offices working on ONTAP applications; another 2,000 working on non-ONTAP apps.
  • All of the tools, scripts, and development test code, everything required for testing, building, releasing, and continuous integration, all of the repositories and all of the generated files are checked into Helix.
  • ONTAP features a 570GB code base and 1TB database.
  • Developers work in 120GB workspaces.
  • 500,000 changes take place each day resulting in 1.7 million Helix xacts.
  • Perforce is integrated with third-party tools: Reviewboard for code review; OpenGrok for code navigation; Jenkins for continuous integration; HP ALM for automated testing; and internally-created bug tracker (based on Bugzilla).
  • Integrated with key NetApp applications:
    • FlexClone to replicate data volumes
    • Snapshot to create virtual point-in-time copies of file systems
    • Together results in no network latency and a true clone without additional storage space.

"With our distributed environment, workspace creation at all sites takes the same amount of time and the developer can be at any site to deliver the application to the customer. That's the key here," said Namburu.


Fast Continuous Integration

"With Helix, NetApp applications are constantly being updated and improved while the integrity of each application is maintained throughout the build, test, and release cycle," said Namburu. 

"We are trying to build a data center using NetApp storage that, together with Helix, can deliver greater performance at lower latency and provide backup for databases so that our customers can develop an easy out-of-the-box solution to their storage needs."