Upgrading the server

Older Helix Core applications continue to work with newer versions of Helix Core server. However, to enable your users to benefit from the features introduced in subsequent versions of the server, you must upgrade the server.


When planning the upgrade:

  • To upgrade Helix Server to a newer version, your Helix Server license file must be current.
  • You must back up your Helix server installation (see Backup procedure) as part of any upgrade process.
  • If you have an installation of Helix4Git, upgrade your Helix4Git installation before upgrading your Helix Core servers. See Upgrading Git Connector in Helix4Git Administrator Guide.
  • Before you upgrade the Helix server, read the release notes associated with your upgraded installation.

  • If running the Helix Versioning Engine as a service (p4s.exe) and upgrading manually rather than using the Windows installer, make sure that binary is also updated by copying p4d.exe to p4s.exe.
  • If you have a large number of ktext files (+k and +ko text files with RCS keyword expansion), contact Perforce Support for guidance on making the upgrade process faster.

  • This chapter describes how to upgrade an existing installation for connected clients. For information on how to install a server that supports clients who want to work disconnected, see the "Installation" chapter of Using Helix Core Server for Distributed Versioning.
  • The examples in this chapter apply to both Windows and Linux/MacOS installations.