Administration Tool

P4Admin is a graphical tool that makes it easy to administer all your shared versioning services and their users, permissions, and groups.

P4Admin dashboard view image

Dashboard Views and Permissions

Keep important details at your fingertips: Use the "Home" view to consolidate information for a shared service, including available licenses, inactive users, disk space usage, and security settings. You can also use P4Admin to:

  • Monitor running commands in real-time
  • View and manage connections to multiple shared services
  • Create and manage depots
  • Upload license files
  • View permissions for groups and users, and folders and files
  • Edit user and group definitions graphically, and manage group memberships with drag-and-drop ease

Customize P4Admin

Extend P4Admin with the Perforce JavaScript API for Visual Tools. Create meaningful alerts, reporting tabs, and additional GUI pages. See the documentation for details.