Perforce 为 Verizon Communications 提供了端到端可追踪性解决方案

Verizon’s development team uses Helix ALM to manage their software requirements, issues, and test cases.

为什么 Helix ALM 是 Verizon 的首选工具







像 Verizon Communications 这样的领先者意识到应立即实施按需可追踪性

能够 对他们的业务产生巨大的倍增效应。 


What Traceability Does for Verizon

Helix ALM enables the Verizon development team to effectively trace all work products, such as requirements, design documents, use cases, source code, and other artifacts, throughout the development lifecycle of security applications. The Verizon development team can generate test cases from requirements, link requirements to test cases and change requests, and analyze relationships between related items.

Using Helix ALM, Verizon customers can provide direct feedback on service quality and submit issues and feature requests that can be tracked by the Verizon customer support team.


How ALM Improves Service at Verizon

Designed for teams of all sizes, Helix ALM is a complete solution to effectively control the critical phases of the application lifecycle management process for true end-to-end management of project requirements, issues, defects, and test cases.

Helix ALM enables team-based collaboration, provides robust reporting capabilities, and accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open platform for seamless integration with existing systems.

“New standards are transforming the fast-growing telecommunications industry and leaders like Verizon Communications realize that implementing on-demand traceability today can have a tremendous multiplier effect on their business,” said Rick Riccetti, CTO of ALM Solutions, Perforce Software. “Helix ALM will enable Verizon to quickly implement their traceability initiative and allow them to build new connections to customers and receive helpful feedback that will ultimately enhance their service offering to the market.”

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