Why Helix TCM Is the Best Test Case Management Tool

You need to run tests constantly to make sure you're developing the best possible product. But manually creating, running, and tracking test cases slows you down. Let's face it, Microsoft Word and Excel just aren't cutting it anymore.

That's where Helix TCM — test case management software — comes in. 

Write, execute, and track the results of testing with ease. You can use it on its own for testing management or as part of the Helix ALM suite. And you can even pair it with your existing tools, including Jira

Create Thousands of Test Cases


Prioritize Your Test Cases and Test Runs

Track Everything in One Spot

Reduce Manual Testing


Connect Tests and Requirements


Add Test Case Management to Jira

An Easier Way for Test Case Management

Creating test cases in Microsoft Office is time-consuming. But in Helix TCM — the test case management module of Helix ALM — it's quick and easy. 

Test case management software makes it easier to write & track test cases

One Test Management Tool for Everything

Write. Organize. Test. Track.

Use one test management tool for all of your testing efforts.

Functional. Validation. Performance. Regression. Acceptance. Safety. Security. And so on...

With Helix TCM, it's easy. You'll always know how much testing is complete on your product. And you'll know how much remains. That makes it easy to spot bottlenecks in the process — before they become a problem. 

And you won't outgrow this test management tool as your project grows. It can scale to handle the largest testing projects. And your entire test case management process will live in one place.

Reusing test steps is easy with test case software

Better Test Coverage With Test Case Software

Helix TCM helps you be more efficient about your test case management — and improve your test coverage.

Reduce Work and Reuse Test Steps

Reusing test steps is one of the best ways to reduce manual work around testing. Plus, reusing test steps gives you consistency across your tests and projects. 

With a test case management tool (such as Helix TCM), it's easy. You won't need to create a new test for every system and browser. You'll be able write one test — and use it for multiple targets. And grouping related tests in suites streamlines planning for everyone.

Create Test Cases From Defects

Defects happen. But there's a better way to manage them. 

With Helix TCM, you can create defects from failed test runs. And you can even use the free add-on Defect Scribe to automatically create test cases when you find defects. 

Defects are an excellent source of new test cases. Since the software converts defects into test cases for you, you can improve test coverage. 

Get traceability in software testing.

A Smarter Test Management Tool

Traceability in Helix TCM Helps You Test Smarter

There should always be a relationship between your test cases and your requirements. After all, you need to know when requirements change, so you can review and update test cases. 

Helix TCM creates traceability, so you can connect the dots.

So, you'll:

  • Understand how a change is going to impact your requirements and test cases.
  • Resolve a defect by tracing from a requirement to changes made in source code.
  • Maintain requirements in regulated environments by forcing sign-offs on each test step during test. 

Plus, it can generate a traceability matrix instantly. And that means you can focus on the important stuff.

ALM combines requirements management, testing management, and defect tracking

Integrated Test Case Management Software

Helix TCM Makes Integration Easy

Need to Track Changes or Know the Reason Behind a Change?

Chances are, we integrate with your favorite version control provider. After all, we make two of them — Helix Core and Surround SCM.

Need to Use Automated Testing Tools?

Helix TCM is a central part of your testing ecosystem with support for automated testing tools, such as QA Wizard Pro, HP QuickTest Pro (UTF), and others. It also integrates with popular IDEs, so you can create, update, and close out issues without leaving home.

Need to Automate Processes? 

With our SOAP-based SDK, you can automate processes, build custom solutions, and exchange data between Helix TCM and other applications.

Plus, our professional services team is always ready to help out with custom tool integrations.

A Test Management Tool for Jira

Using Jira to track bugs and manage tasks? Great — you can keep using Jira (and get more out of it) by adding test management.

Helix TCM seamlessly integrates with Jira. That means you’ll be able to create test cases based on Jira issues. No matter which tool you’re in, it’s easy to track issues, test cases, and test runs. You’ll always know what issues have been resolved, which test cases are approved, and which test runs have passed and failed.

Add tCM to Jira

Integrating test case management tools with Jira is easy.

Your Entire Application Lifecycle, Covered

Testing is just one part of the application development lifecycle. There are also requirements to manage and issues to track (and resolve).

That's why Helix TCM is part of the Helix ALM suite. Learn how this test case management software fits into Helix ALM — and how you can gain greater efficiency by using it alongside Helix RM for requirements and Helix IM for issues.

Issue Management

Requirements Management






Workflow Automation

Security and Compliance





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