What is Surround SCM?

Welcome to the intersection of change management and development workflow automation.

Surround SCM is the source code management tool that seamlessly integrates with Helix ALM, allowing you to work with source code and work items from either application. With the built-in integration between Helix ALM and Surround SCM, you can build and release specific fixes and features instead of just shipping blocks of code.


Collaborative Version Management


Automated Workflow Transitions

Configurable Workflows

Ironclad Security


Open and Integrated

Surround SCM Integrates Into Your Tool Chain

Built-in integration with Helix ALM.

Effective Management of Assets throughout the Product Lifecycle

Flexible branching gives you complete control of how you manage releases and track configurations. With a variety of branch types, Surround SCM makes it possible to manage any project without forcing a specific process or methodology on your team. Smart branches also retain extensive linking history, alleviating manual merge pain and ensuring that automatic code merges are right the first time.

Flexible Branching

Version Control with Built-In Code Review

With Surround SCM's built-in code review, you won't have to spend money on yet another tool. Comments are tracked with the file version reviewed for future reference. And, integrated code review can be part of your development workflow, blocking files from being checked into your build branch until they've passed the review.

Code Review

Find Text Faster than You Ever Thought Possible

You know it's in there, but finding text in most version control tools is a chore. Not in Surround SCM! The find-in-file feature makes it fast and easy to find text in text files, as well as Word, Excel, PDF, and even OpenOffice documents. Wildcards and regular expression support increase the odds you'll find the text you seek.

Text Search

See Beyond "Checked In" to Know the True Status of Files in the Change Process

Know whether a file you're including in the build was code reviewed, ensure design documents went through the review process, and control who can make changes to reviewed and approved files. Surround SCM's configurable workflows let you define, control, and track the individual state of files undergoing change.


Powerful Reports for Management

There's so much activity during product development, yet management still needs to be updated. We more than understand, which is why Surround SCM includes powerful reporting capabilities to help you. Start with reusable filters to cut through the clutter and find the valuable stuff. Then choose from a variety of detail, history, trend, and differences reports. The RDBMS is also well-documented, so you can use other reporting tools if needed.


Complete Control Over Asset Versioning

Surround SCM provides powerful source control.

Surround SCM gives you complete control over branching, promoting, rebasing, and versioning, and has advanced labeling features. Surround's branching and labeling together are especially powerful, allowing you to efficiently manage change process and releases, and track configurations. And the integrated code review allows you to store reviewer's comments so they can be referenced as team members work with files.

With Surround, you can easily see the full set of actions performed against a file across all branches. Interactively trace a file's history, see what changed between any two versions, and gain new insight into your source code changes. It's also a great way to see branch relationships.

Surround's extensive changelist and atomic transaction support let you perform actions on groups of files and rollback or cancel operations to related files.

Version Management

It’s All About Making You More Productive

Discover a more efficient source code management solution.

Surround SCM's full text search lets you search files without making you retrieve them first. You can search plain text, Microsoft Word and Excel files, PDFs, and OpenOffice documents.

Surround keeps you informed of changes with built-in email notifications. And the web client provides access from any browser, for when you need to work from a machine that doesn't have Surround installed.

Surround has a rich set of built-in reports and report creation capabilities for analyzing file information and activity. You can even create custom change management reports that run outside Surround.

When compliance is critical, Surround lets you track electronic signatures, and can quickly run an audit trail report to review and validate signature records.


A World Exists Beyond “Checked In”

Surround SCM delivers strong change management.

Surround can tell you whether a file you are including in the build was code reviewed, help ensure design documents went through the review process, and control who can make changes to reviewed and approved files. Just tell Surround the states your files can exist in.

Once you define states, Surround's configurable workflows let you control which actions you can perform on any file or branch based on its state. Don't want to allow files that haven't been code reviewed into the build? It'll help keep that from happening.

For a tailored fit to your change management process, Surround's in-application, programmable pre- and post-triggers can automate workflow state transitions, enforce workflow rules, send email notifications, run external applications, modify custom fields, perform data validation, log information, and more. Most importantly, triggers are easy to create within Surround.

Beyond Checked In

Need Something More Scalable?

Try Helix Core, the lightning-fast, massively scalable version control system preferred by the world's innovators.

Surround SCM is only part of our complete ALM story.

Helix ALM is a single, integrated solution for centralizing and managing requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts and their relationships.

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