Why You Need Defect Tracking Tools and Issues Management

Track and Resolve Defects Faster

Managing issues, defects, and bugs shouldn't take up all of your time. 

Let Helix IM take care of the bug tracking for you. 

You'll be able to easily create, prioritize, and manage every issue. 

Best of all, you won't have to manually track down the status of an issue. This issue management tool does it for you. You'll always know whether or not that issue has been resolved and tested. 

You can use Helix IM on its own as your defect tracking tool. Or you can use it as part of a complete suite of ALM tools, Helix ALM. 

Manage Thousands of Defects


Analyze (and Minimize) Risk

Track Customer Issues


Integrate Your Existing Tools

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You Deserve a Better Bug Tracking Tool

Can't Keep Up With Release Cycles?

Free bug tracking tools make it hard to stay on top of everything. But Helix ALM makes it easy to create, track, prioritize, and resolve issues. That means you can release better software faster. 

Struggling to Track Issues?

With Helix IM, you can create, organize, and track hundreds of thousands of:

  • Defects
  • Feature requests
  • Change requests

Measure progress on issues and track the results using dashboards, task boards, and customizable reports. You can even use issue filters and search features to quickly find whatever issue you're looking for. 

Drowning in a Sea of Bugs?

You won't drown with Helix IM.

Use this issue tracking tool to automatically calculate risks and prioritize issues. You'll gain confidence that you're paying attention to the most important issues, defects, and customer requests first. 

Using Jira for Bug Tracking?

Is bug tracking in Jira enough for your business? Probably not if your company is growing (or if your products are getting more complex). 

Find out if it's time to go from bug tracking in Jira to total application lifecycle management in Helix ALM.

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Issue Management Software (For More Than Just Bugs)

Customer Feedback Matters

Your customers' feedback matters. But you need to be able to prioritize feature requests and bugs that come from your customers.

That's where Helix IM can help you.

You'll be able to automatically:

  • Import emails.
  • Parse emails for issues or requests.
  • Send the customer an acknowledgement.

Issues won't be neglected either. You'll be able to set time-based escalation rules to limit how long issues can sit unresolved before they get escalated. 

That means you'll meet your customers' needs and keep them happy for the long haul. 

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Defect Tracking Tools for Your Lifecycle

Trace Defects to Test Runs and Requirements

It's not always easy to trace your defects to test runs. Unless you have Helix IM with Helix TCM

You'll be able to automatically link defects with failed test runs. This gives you a traceable history of test failure and resolution.

You can even add Helix RM to the mix for total traceability. Then you'll be able to automatically link a feature or change request with a requirement.

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Integrated Issue Management

Integrated Toolsets Improve Development

Helix IM seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use.

Need to Track Changes?

Chances are, we integrate with your favorite version control provider. After all, we make two of them — Helix Core and Surround SCM.

Need to Integrate With IDEs?

Helix IM makes it easy, so you can create, update, and close out issues without leaving home.

Need to Connect to Other Applications? 

Helix IM comes with SOAP-based SDK. That means you can automate processes, build custom solutions, and exchange data between Helix IM and other applications.

Plus, our professional services team is always ready to help out with custom tool integrations.

Bug Tracking Tools in ALM

There are also requirements to manage and test cases to run. 

That's why Helix IM is part of the Helix ALM suite

See for yourself how Helix ALM makes it easy to track defects, requirements, and test cases — all from one spot. 

Requirements Management


Test Case Management






Workflow Automation

Security and Compliance




Try a Better Defect Tracking Tool

Try Helix IM free for 30 days. You'll see for yourself how easy it can be to create, prioritize, and resolve issues across the development lifecycle. 

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