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Manage issues fast and efficiently with Helix IM.

Without a strong issue management solution, managing the thousands of issues in a complex development process can eat up massive amounts of time and energy, and even introduce the risk of missed issues and other errors.

Helix IM has the power to help you create, prioritize, and manage extreme volumes of tasks, issues, defects, feature requests, and more — while keeping all stakeholders up to date on progress.

Helix IM stands alone as an enterprise-level issue tracker and workflow management tool, but its real power comes from its seamless integration with the entire Helix ALM suite.

Efficiently Manage Thousands of Defects


Effectively Analyze and Manage Risk

Easily Track and Support Customer Requests


Integrate with Your Source Control Tools

Issue Mangement Issue Tracking

A Rock-Solid Bug Tracking Tool

Stay on top of issues for faster releases.

Issues can have lots of details. Helix IM makes it easy to track it all — from steps to reproduce and screen captures, to source code relationships, to the originating test case or feature request.

With Helix IM, you can create, organize, and track hundreds of thousands of defects, feature requests, change requests, and all other work items. Our dashboards, task boards, and customizable reports help you track the results and measure progress.

Easy to use and powerful, Helix IM’s filtering and searching features let you quickly explore and find the issues that are important to you.

Drowning in a sea of bugs? Not with Helix IM. Use calculated fields to automatically prioritize and calculate risks, or use one of the many ways available to tag and organize issues. Either way, you can be confident that you’re paying attention to the important issues.

Our multiple-instance tracking lets you consolidate identical bugs or feature requests into a single record, so you can easily spot hot bugs or rank feature requests. We still track the unique details so you can get at them when you need them.

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Show Your Customers How Much You Care

Automatically import and track customer feedback.

Email is the engine that drives customer support. Helix IM automatically imports mail for you, parses it, and can even send the customer an acknowledgment. Integrated email support captures conversations between your developers, technical support, and customers, whether you are working in Helix IM or Office applications.

Our customer feedback components provide efficient ways for customers, beta testers, and other external team members to submit bug reports and feature requests. Time-based escalation rules ensure your customer issues are responded to in a timely manner. Helix IM makes it easy to establish rules limiting how long issues remain unresolved before they are escalated.

Per-issue notification lists make your workflow more efficient by keeping everyone updated — even customers. Add a customer to an issues notification list and, when an issue enters a new state, the customer automatically receives an emailed status update, along with QA and anyone else on the list.

Helix Issue Management Traceability

Automatic, Transparent Traceability

Helix IM's automated traceability ensures product quality.

Good change management practices dictate you link source code changes to the issues they resolved. Not only do we support this, we can help you enforce the process.

When you use Helix IM with Helix TCM, it will automatically link defects with failed test runs to provide a traceable history of test failure and resolution. Add Helix RM and you can automatically link a feature or change request with a requirement. to know who was asking for enhancements or changes and not lose track of the voice of the customer.

Helixs Issue Management Integrations

Integrated into Your Lifecycle

Helix IM unobtrusively integrates with the tools you already use.

Need to track changes or know the context behind a change? Chances are, we integrate with your favorite version control provider. After all, we make two of them — Helix Core and Surround SCM.

Helix IM also integrates with popular IDEs, so you can create, update, and close out issues without leaving home.

With our SOAP-based SDK, you can automate processes, build custom solutions, and exchange data between Helix IM and other applications. Our professional services team is always ready to help out with custom tool integrations.

Is it time to move beyond Jira?

As your company grows and the products you develop increase in complexity, you may find it harder to manage your development process with a limited tool like Jira.

When bug tracking alone doesn't cut it, step up to Helix ALM, a full-featured, integrated solution for managing the entire software development lifecycle.

Our Defect Tracking Tool Is Only Part of Our Complete ALM Story

Helix ALM is a single, integrated solution for centralizing and managing requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts and their relationships.

Requirements Management


Test Case Management


Organize and Visualize




Workflow Automation


Security and Compliance





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