What's New in Surround SCM 2018.2?

Surround SCM 2018.2 includes the following key features. 

Collaborate on code reviews in Surround SCM.

Locate and Share Code Reviews, Files in Code Reviews, and Shelves

You can now use sscm:// URLs to easily go to specific code reviews, files in code reviews, and shelves — just like you can for files, repositories, and branches.

When you select one of these items, the URL is displayed in the Address toolbar. You can copy the URL from the toolbar to paste it into emails, other external applications, and webpages to help other users quickly open items.

You can also use the new SSCM_CODEREVIEWLINK environment variable in scripts run by triggers and the %SSCM_CODEREVIEWLINK% field code in email templates to provide links to code reviews.

Bookmark Code Reviews, Files in Code Reviews, and Shelves

You can now bookmark code reviews, files in code review, and shelves you frequently use to easily access them again from the Bookmarks menu.

Surround SCM 2018.2 includes a tighter Jenkins integration.

Other Enhancements

  • Select the All reviews filter to view all approved and unapproved reviews in the Code Reviews window.
  • Sort files on the Sharing tab in the file Properties dialog box.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2018 for issue tracking.
  • Get additional support in Jenkins for selecting Surround SCM credentials in the Legacy SCM section of Global Shared Libraries.

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes, check out the release notes.

What's New in Surround SCM 2018.1?

Surround SCM 2018.1 includes the following key features. For a complete list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes, check out the release notes.

Control how sscm:// hyperlinks open

By default, clicking an sscm:// hyperlink in an external application opens a new Source View window in Surround SCM. You can now set a user option to open these hyperlinks in an existing Source View window instead.

View history in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder integrations

You can now view the history of a file when right-clicking it in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder instead of switching to Surround SCM to view it.

See how to open files in Surround SCM.

CLI enhancements

The Surround SCM CLI now provides more useful branch information and specific file version information in output.

  • More easily identify relationships between parent and child branches. Use the new -o option with the lsbranch command to recursively display the structure and the path of all branches in a specific mainline branch.
  • Use the new branchtree command to display the branch name, type, and parent and child branches for a single branch.
  • See local and server file version information using the new -v option with the ls command.

What's New in Surround 2017.2

Additional search capabilities, more security report options, and other enhancements.

Convenient Code Review Options

When reviewing files in code reviews, you can now view historical file-version information and perform actions on historical versions. See Reviewing files and Reviewing changes between file versions. You can also right-click a file in a review and choose Go to File to go directly to it in the Source View window.

More Security Report Options

When you create security group reports, you can now include users in the group and server security permissions to see more details about each group. See Creating security group reports.

Additional Search Capabilities

You can now search in the following windows and dialog boxes to quickly find information:

  • Cloaked Repositories
  • Code Reviews
  • Email Notifications
  • Labels
  • Reports
  • Security Groups
  • Shadow Folders
  • Shelves
  • Triggers
  • Users
  • Working Directories

Other Enhancements

  • Merge Microsoft Word and other binary files when duplicating changes across branches.
  • Additional event restrictions are available for filters, advanced find, and reports:
    • Change custom field
    • Change state
    • Promote from
    • Promote from with merge
    • Rollback file
  • Log in using single sign-on from the API with the new sscm_connect_ext call.


What's New in Surround SCM 2017.1

Web enhancements, better label management, and more.

Improved code review file differences

When reviewing files in code reviews, you now have more flexibility to see the exact changes you are interested in and how the changes look. You can show differences for versions not included in the review for more information. You can also ignore case and white space differences, change the differences output, and change the font and tab width.

You can also set code review user options to save your default preferences for ignoring case differences and white space, and the differences output type.

Surround SCM + Helix ALM > Version Control

When getting files by label or timestamp, you can now retrieve them using the name they had when they were labeled or at the time specified by the get. If the working directory you are retrieving files to has a copy of the same file with the current name, the file with the historical name replaces it.

More flexible text file end-of-line formatting

Additional file types are now supported when adding files, setting file properties, and setting server options to auto-detect or ignore files based on filename or extension: Text (CR/LF), Text (LF), UTF-8 Text (CR/LF), and UTF-8 Text (LF).

When getting text files using the Surround SCM CLI, you can now override the default end-of-line format set in the user options. Using the CLI get command and new file types is helpful when build scripts that run on one operating system get files used exclusively in builds for another operating system.

Other enhancements

  • When switching branches in the Surround SCM Client, information is loaded in the background so you can continue to work while branches load.
  • Automatically check for and fix more problems when analyzing and repairing databases with the analyze utility: pending changelists created by deleted users, filters with deleted users as owners, checked out files missing a check out computer, and file revision records incorrectly marked to destroy.
  • Administrators can generate a file about the Surround SCM installation to send to Perforce Support for more thorough troubleshooting.

Note:Seapine License Server was renamed to Helix ALM License Server.