Location of the audit log file.

Usage Notes

Used by Client?

Used by Server?

Command-Line Alternative

Can be set in P4CONFIG file?



p4d -A auditlog


Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System



None. If no log file is specified, auditing is disabled.


P4AUDIT specifies the location of the audit log file.

When auditing is enabled, Perforce adds a line to the audit log file every time file content is transferred from the shared versioning service to any user. On an active installation, the audit log file will grow very quickly.

Lines in the audit log appear in the form:

date time user@client clientIP command file#rev

For example:

2011/05/09 09:52:45 karl@nail diff //depot/src/x.c#1
2011/05/09 09:54:13 jim@stone sync //depot/inc/file.h#1

If a command is run on the same physical machine that hosts the Perforce service, the clientIP is shown as

For commands that arrive through a Perforce Proxy, the IP address is reported in the form proxyIP/clientIP, and the command is reported as command-proxy.

In order to ensure that user activity on replica and edge servers (specifically in environments involving build farm replicas, forwarding replicas, and/or edge servers) is tracked, each replica or edge server must have P4AUDIT configured.

For more information, see Perforce Server Administrator's Guide: Multi-site Deployment.