p4 where


Show where a particular file is located, as determined by the client view.


p4 [g-opts] where [file …]


p4 where uses the client view and root (as set in p4 client) to print files' locations relative to the top of the depot, relative to the top of the client workspace, and relative to the top of the local OS directory tree. The command does not check to see if the file exists; it merely reports where the file would be located if it did exist.

For each file provided as a parameter, a set of mappings is output. Each set of mappings is composed of lines consisting of three parts: the first part is the filename expressed in depot syntax, the second part is the filename expressed in client syntax, and the third is the local OS path of the file.



See “Global Options”.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required




  • The mappings are derived from the client view: a simple view, mapping the depot to one directory in the client workspace, produces one line of output.

    More complex client views produce multiple lines of output, possibly including exclusionary mappings. For instance, given the client view:

    View: //a/... //client/a/...
          //a/b/... //client/b/...

    Running p4 where //a/b/file.txt gives:

    -//a/b/file.txt //client/a/b/file.txt //home/user/root/a/b/file.txt
    //a/b/file.txt //client/b/file.txt /home/user/root/b/file.txt

    This can be interpreted as saying that the first line of the client view would have caused the file to appear in /home/user/root/a/b/file.txt, except that it was overridden by the second mapping in the view. An exclusionary mapping was applied to perform the override, and the second mapping applies, sending the file to /home/user/root/b/file.txt.

  • The simplest case (one line of output per file, showing each filename in depot, client, and local syntax) is by far the most common.


p4 where file.c

Show depot, client workspace, and local filesystem locations of file.c (or where file.c would appear if it existed in the depot.)

p4 where 100%25.txt

Use ASCII expansion of "%" character to locations for file 100%.txt.

ASCII expansion is supported for the following four special characters: @ (%40), # (%23), * (%2A), and % (%25).

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