p4 resubmit


Resolve and resubmit some or all unsubmitted changes.


p4 [g-opts] resubmit -l
p4 [g-opts] [-R] resubmit -m
p4 [g-opts] [-R] resubmit -e
p4 [g-opts] [-R] resubmit -i [[-r remotefilespec …]


The p4 resubmit command resubmits changes which have been unsubmitted. It is typically used in one of two scenarios:

  • to resolve conflicting changes which were detected and unsubmitted by running p4 fetch -u.

  • to revise a set of changelists that you have submitted locally — but have not pushed to any other server — and have unsubmitted.



Runs p4 resubmit in partially-interactive mode, allowing you to inspect each change prior to submitting it.


Runs p4 resubmit as a fully interactive resubmission tool.


Lists all the unsubmitted changes but takes no action. This is useful as a way to preview the work that must be resubmitted.


Runs in automatic mode. The first thing p4 resubmit -m does is to sync your workspace to #head. Then, p4 resubmit -m processes each unsubmitted change, doing the following for each change:

p4 unshelve -s change -c change
p4 sync
p4 resolve -am
p4 shelve -d -c change
p4 submit -c change

If, for any change in the list, the p4 resolve -am processing detects merge conflicts in any file in that change, the p4 resubmit command terminates at that point. All the files in that change which had merge conflicts are left unresolved. You must then run the p4 resolve command to resolve the conflicts. Then re-run p4 resubmit -Rm to resume the resubmit process (the first thing it does is submit the resolved files from this change, then it proceeds to the next change).

-r remote

When p4 resubmit is run with the -i option, the -r option specifies the remote spec, which is used to limit the files affected by the unsubmit operation. For example:

p4 resubmit -r rmt @>=17

This example affects only the files specific by the remote spec, not all files in the depot.


Resume the resubmit process once conflicts have been resolved. With this flag, resubmit begins by submitting the fully-resolved change and then proceeds to the next unsubmitted change.


When a filespec is provided with the -i option, the interactive resubmit first unsubmits each change that modified a file in that path.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required



or admin to use the -i option


p4 resubmit -m

Merges and resubmits your unsubmitted changes.

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