Specifies whether the server is in Unicode mode.

Usage Notes

Used by Client?

Used by Server?

Command-Line Alternative

Can be set in P4CONFIG file?



-C option


Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System



None, which specifies that the server is not in Unicode mode.


When a client connects to the server, it attempts to discover the server's Unicode mode setting, and it sets the P4_port_CHARSET variable to specify that setting: for non-Unicode, the variable is set to none; for Unicode, the variable is set to auto. If P4_port_CHARSET is set to auto, the client sets the P4CHARSET to auto. The client then examines its own environment to determine what character set it needs to use in appropriately rendering unicode files from the server.

The port part of this environment variable specifies the host:port of the server to which the client is connected.

For more information about using servers in Unicode mode, see "Setting up and managing Unicode installations" in the Perforce Server Administrator's Guide: Fundamentals.