p4 help


Provide on-line help for Perforce.


p4 [g-opts] help
p4 [g-opts] help keyword
p4 [g-opts] help command


p4 help displays a help screen describing the named command or keyword. It's very similar to this manual, but the text is written by the developers.

p4 help with no arguments lists all the available p4 help options. p4 help command provides help on the named command. p4 help keyword takes the following keywords as arguments:

Command and Keyword


Equivalent Chapter in this Manual

p4 help administration

Help on specialized administration topics.

p4 admin

p4 help charset

Describes how to control Unicode translation.

P4CHARSET description.

p4 help commands

Lists all the Perforce commands.

Table of Contents

p4 help configurables

Describes all of the server configuration variables.


p4 help dvcs

Describes decentralized version control with Perforce.


p4 help environment

Lists the Perforce environment variables and their meanings.

“Environment and Registry Variables”

p4 help filetypes

Lists the Perforce filetypes and their meanings.

“File Types”

p4 help jobview

Describes Perforce jobviews.

p4 jobs description

p4 help legal

Legal and license information.


p4 help networkaddress

Help on network address syntax.


p4 help replication

Describes specialized replication topics.


p4 help revisions

Describes Perforce revision specifiers.

“File Specifications”

p4 help simple

Provides short descriptions of the eight most basic Perforce commands.


p4 help usage

Lists the six options available with all Perforce commands.

“Global Options”

p4 help views

Describes the meaning of Perforce views.


Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required




Related Commands

To view information about the current Perforce configuration

p4 info