p4 dirs


List the immediate subdirectories of specified depot directories.


p4 [g-opts] dirs [-C -D -H] [-S stream] depot_directory[revRange]...


Use p4 dirs to find the immediate subdirectories of any depot directories provided as arguments. Any directory argument must be provided in depot or local syntax and must end with the * wildcard.

p4 dirs only lists the immediate subdirectories of the directory arguments. To recursively list all of a directory's subdirectories, call p4 dirs multiple times.

By default, only subdirectories that contain at least one undeleted file will be returned. To include those subdirectories that contain only deleted files, use the -D option.

This command is meant to be used in scripts, and it is unlikely that you'll use it from the command line.



Display only those directories that are mapped through the current client view.


Include subdirectories that contain only deleted files. By default, these directories are not displayed.


Include only those directories that contain files on the current client workspace's p4 have list.

-S stream

List directories mapped for the specified stream.


See “Global Options”.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required




  • If you include a revision specifier or revision range as part of a directory argument, then the only subdirectories returned are those that contain at least one file revision that matches the given specifier.

  • Perforce does not track directories in its database; thus, the subdirectory values are not looked up, but are computed. This accounts for some of the strange details of the p4 dirs implementation, such as the fact that the "..." wildcard is not supported.


p4 dirs //depot/projects/*

Returns a list of all the immediate subdirectories of //depot/projects.

p4 dirs //depot/a/* //depot/b/*

Returns a list of all immediate subdirectories of //depot/a and //depot/b.

p4 dirs //depot/...

The "..." wildcard is not supported by p4 dirs.

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