p4 unshelve


Restore shelved files from a pending change into a workspace


p4 [g-opts] unshelve -s shelvedchange [-f -n] [-c change]
                     [-b branch | -S stream [-P stream]] [file …]


The p4 unshelve command retrieves files that are shelved in a pending changelist into a pending changelist on the invoking user's workspace. Access to shelved files from a pending changelist is controlled by the user's permissions on the files.

You can limit the files to be unshelved by specifying a file pattern.

Unshelving copies the shelved files into the user's workspace as they existed when they were shelved. (For example, a file open for edit when shelved will also be open for edit in the unshelving user's workspace.)


-b branch

Specifies a branch spec through which the shelved files will be mapped prior to unshelving. This option enables you to shelve files in one branch and unshelve them in another.

-c change

Specify a changelist number in the user's workspace into which the files are to be unshelved. By default, p4 unshelve retrieves files into the default changelist.


Force the overwriting of writable (but unopened) files during the unshelve operation.


Preview the results of the unshelve operation without actually restoring the files to your workspace.

-P stream

Unshelve to the specified parent stream. Overrides the parent defined in the source stream specification.

-s shelvedchange

Specify the pending changelist number that contains the originally-shelved files.

-S stream

Specifies the use of a stream-derived branch view to map the shelved files between the specified stream and its parent stream; you can shelve files in one stream and unshelve them in another related stream.


See “Global Options”.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier?

Can File Arguments Use Revision Range?

Minimal Access Level Required




  • Unshelving a file over an already opened file is only permitted if both the shelved file and the opened file are opened for edit. (After unshelving, the workspace file is flagged as unresolved, and you must run p4 resolve to resolve the differences between the shelved file and the workspace file before submitting or reshelving the file.)

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