Perforce Migration Center

Whether you need to replace an SCM system for a single team, or establish Perforce as your corporate standard SCM system across multiple business units, we can help your migration go smoothly, and provide the tools and essential guidance to migrate projects in your existing codebase to Perforce.

Migrating to Perforce

The SCM system is the lifeblood of any software production line. Thousands of companies have standardized on Perforce from ClearCase, Subversion, VSS, CVS, Alienbrain and others, and gained:

✓ Better scalability & support for distributed teams
✓ Better performance and response times
✓ Reduced administration and maintenance
✓ Simplified licensing model

✓ Increased development team productivity
✓ Better business agility & support for innovation
✓ Enterprise-grade security and compliance
✓ Unrivalled technical support and services


Dedicated migration tools and information are available for several legacy systems. Choose a system:

From a developer productivity perspective, there is absolutely no comparison—merge or integration tasks that would take days to complete in ClearCase, and often involve multiple people, are now done in hours."

Bruce Painter

Software Engineering Manager, Amdocs

Git with the Enterprise

If you need to manage Git repositories, consider Perforce Git Fusion to help you:

  • See a complete view of all projects and teams—including code expressed through Git
  • Manage large and complex DVCS projects with ease
  • Share code/modules across repositories
  • Extend enterprise-grade IP security and defensibility, scalability and compliance to Git repositories