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The Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack — now available on Microsoft Azure — contains all the tools you need to do world-class development in a single, pre-configured environment.

In a few clicks, you can deploy everything you need with the infrastructure required to support large projects, big files, and all your team members. No expertise required. 


Studio Pack Cloud Deployment

Helix Core Version Control  |  Helix Swarm Code Review
Hansoft Project Management  |  Perforce Windows Workstations

Accelerate on Azure Like Game Studio

Learn how Game Studio moved their Helix Core development environment to Azure to improve build speeds and simplify workflows.

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Perforce Cloud —Deploy Everything or Customize

Setup is a breeze — choose one or all of the software tools included in Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack.

Helix Core Version Control

Perforce Helix Core is the high-performance version control that top studios rely on to streamline their workflows and securely manage all digital assets — including large binary files.

Helix Core provides the foundation to break down silos and unite teams, helping you improve efficiency, avoid duplicated efforts, and reduce costs.

Helix Swarm Code Review

Helix Swarm is the free, web-based code review tool for Helix Core. It keeps your projects moving forward, eliminating time-consuming bottlenecks in the review process.

As your teams and files grow, you can automate workflows, accelerating development while improving the quality of your next release.

Hansoft Project Management

Hansoft is the project management solution made by game devs, for game devs. It was designed to conquer deadlines while still giving teams the flexibility to plan their way.

Teams powered by Hansoft experience up to a 20% increase in planning efficiency. They can quickly change attributes, adjust timelines, and share reports with stakeholders.

Windows Workstation

With cloud deployments available on Azure and AWS, you also get a Windows workstation to start using pre-configured software:

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