IBM ClearCase Version Control May Be Hindering Your DevOps

There was a time when IBM Rational ClearCase was on the cutting edge of technology and SCM (source code management). Today, these features create obstacles as teams grow and release cycles accelerate. In fact, some of ClearCase’s technology can impede the adoption of DevOps processes, making it impossible to stay competitive in the market.

As a result, the unwavering faith you once had in IBM ClearCase is gone. And now that IBM no longer actively supports ClearCase, the platform’s decline into obsolescence seems inevitable. (Probably not good for innovation or team morale.) Many teams are realizing that ClearCase no longer meets their version control needs.

Why Do Teams Migrate From IBM Rational ClearCase to Helix Core?

Helix Core is the fastest, most securable version control system. It lets you deploy faster, more collaboratively, and with fewer bugs. So why do teams migrate from IBM ClearCase to Helix Core?

  • Performance and scalability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Branching and merging
  • Release management
  • Working with Git
  • Global teams
  • Security teams
  • File history

Thinking about leaving IBM ClearCase? Download the migration kit for a smooth, stress-free transition to Helix Core.