ClearCase May Be Hindering Your Development

There was a time when ClearCase was on the cutting edge of technology. Today, that technology impedes the adoption of DevOps processes, making it impossible to stay competitive in the market.

How many admins do you need to manage ClearCase?

Does UCM make ClearCase easier to use or more restrictive?

Does ClearCase scale enough for your team?

Do you have the budget and tolerance to keep managing MultiSite?

Teams That Migrate From ClearCase to Helix Core Find…

  • Admin work is easier.
  • Development is faster.
  • Licenses are less expensive.
  • Security needs are met.

Replace ClearCase. Minimize Risk. Create a Clear Path to ROI.

Perforce has helped numerous companies replace ClearCase. Our consultants can help your team minimize risk, meet security needs, and create a clear path to ROI.

“Perforce is the best all-round solution for us. We estimate that Rational ClearCase currently costs us around $500,000 per annum to run, whereas we predict that Perforce will be nearer $150,000.”

From a Fortune 100 global investment bank

“Perforce is one of the most important software applications in use at National Instruments today. With so many different groups relying on Perforce, we really appreciate the flexibility of the system."

From National Instruments

"From a developer productivity perspective, there is absolutely no comparison. Merge or integration tasks that would take days to complete in ClearCase — and often involve multiple people — are now done in hours.”

From Amdocs

Why Do Teams Migrate to Helix Core?

Helix Core is the fastest, most securable version control system. It lets you deploy faster, more collaboratively, and with fewer bugs. So why do teams migrate from IBM ClearCase to Helix Core?

  • Performance and scalability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Branching and merging
  • Release management
  • Working with Git
  • Global teams
  • Security teams
  • File history

Don’t let ClearCase’s gradual decline into obsolescence stifle innovation and wreak havoc on your team. Helix Core is significantly faster at builds and file transfers and easier to administer.

Helix Core vs. ClearCase Comparison

Migrate Without Disrupting Your Team

Thinking about leaving IBM ClearCase? Download the migration kit and plan a smooth, stress-free transition to Helix Core.