WorkForce 利用 Helix ALM 改进软件测试

WorkForce Software is a leader in workforce management solutions. But they had a problem in their testing process. WorkForce implemented Helix ALM to improve test and issue management. They also sought to accelerate delivery.

为什么 Workforce 选择了 Helix ALM?






Helix ALM 在我们的测试过程中提供了重大改进

通过提高质量和改进相关问题的交叉检查。具体讲,我们的 QA 部门能够轻松将测试用例与相关问题联系起来,以确保正确的测试覆盖范围。”


WorkForce Faces Testing Troubles

WorkForce’s software development group designs and tests their time management products. When their homegrown test case management failed, the company sought a better solution. To deliver higher quality products faster, they needed better management of their product issues and software testing workload.

WorkForce was already using Helix ALM, but not for test case management.

Helix Issue Management (IM) was part of our core software development process,” says Ken Olson, Vice President of Software Development, WorkForce Software. “The addition of the Helix Test Case Management (TCM) solution provided measurable improvements in our testing process by increasing quality and improving the cross-checking of related issues”

Helix TCM Provides Higher Quality Products and Faster Delivery

Now WorkForce can link product issues with test cases and test runs. They can also create test cases from issues and perform other planning and tracking functions.

This enabled WorkForce to improve their product issues and software testing workload. And it allowed them to deliver higher quality products more quickly.

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