How more than 500 embedded professionals deal with standards compliance.  

Organizations today often must make a difficult decision between releasing secure, compliant applications or applications that are completed on time.  

In this report, VDC Research offers their latest analysis of embedded and IoT software development. Get access to real-world insights on how safety and security impact the practices as well as the tools for engineering organizations.  

What You'll Learn: 

  • How the use of static analysis affects safety-critical industries.  
  • Research on trends in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial automation. 
  • The impact of IoT requirements on products. 
  • Specific recommendations for improving software safety and security in your organization. 

Standards for Safety and Security Matter

Software projects in full compliance with coding standards are 8 times more likely to be ahead of schedule. In VDC’s most recent Software and System Development Survey, 43.4% of embedded/IoT projects were reported as running behind schedule.

Reasons for Risk:

  • Software consumes largest amount of development budgets.
  • IoT drives more innovation and design problems.
  • Development teams stretched thin.
  • Too much time spent on testing, not enough on adding features.