May 9, 2011

And Lo, the Ecosystem is Born...Slowly


Many of you have probably heard some of the exciting rumblings coming from within Perforce about a new "Ecosystem" initiative. This effort is designed to help us do a better job of talking with the people that matter, our user community. If you haven't heard, a new crack squad of social media monkeys has been assembled with a truckload of bananas to bring you an inside track to Perforcian happenings and development to give our community better ways to get involved directly with the evolution of Perforce.

With the User Conference swiftly approaching, and with it many new advancements and product launches (including a roll out of new community features!), we have decided to spend the next couple weeks reviewing Perforce, starting with a week of retrospective. This week you will see the guiding architects of Perforce talking about how their areas of expertise have evolved over the years. We invite you, as users of Perforce and related tech, to share your own stories about the evolution of P4 or anything related via comments, twitter, Facebook, or carrier pigeon. Let's look back and affix the good and the bad so we can look forward with a clear vision.

In the coming weeks we'll try to give you a good snapshot of the most recent advancements (there have been quite a few) that may not have made your radar and then some great tastes of what is yet to come. This, of course, will culminate in our User Conference in San Francisco at the beginning of June. If you still haven't signed up for the awesometastic User Conference, do not despair, there is still time! This year's event features community speakers (Google, Salesforce, NYSE, and others), an inside look at the development pipeline, and one heck of a party. The event all goes down at the InterContinental in San Francisco, CA.

If we don't see you there our hit squads are on the way we look forward to a much improved dialogue in the coming months via whatever method is most comfortable for you. Have news? Need help? Hit us on twitter (@Perforce), Facebook, our forums, or barring all else, come press your nose to the windows of our HQ in Alameda and we'll roll out the red carpet.

Our support troops are always looking for a good challenge, our account teams are growing, and our social media mojo is improving every day. This all adds up to our desire to hear from you. I see a lot of people cursing their SCM software and generally the smart folks here have a quick and helpful answer ready. So don't wait, we don't mind colorful language as long as you give us a chance to help you attain some form of Perforcian enlightenment (either new, or polishing the old). Barring any of that, enjoy this week's look back at 15 years of Perforce history. See you out there.