April 16, 2013

Announcing the release of Surround SCM 2013.1

Surround SCM

You ask. We deliver.

Many of the newest Surround SCM features were added at the request of users like you! Upgrade to Surround SCM 2013.1 and you'll get the following new capabilities:
  • Roll back changelists, making it easier to revert to previous versions if needed
  • See only the files you want to see by hiding files in cloaked repositories
  • Analyze Surround SCM databases to identify and repair issues

What about Surround SCM 2013?

If you haven't upgraded to Surround SCM 2013 yet, here are three great features you're missing out on:
  • Built-in code reviews to streamline your review process. Watch this short video to learn more.
  • Integrated risk analysis to help you predict potential problems in source files and identify areas that may need additional attention. Learn more.
  • Even faster branching with working directory enhancements that make it easier to reuse directories across branches