June 2, 2014

Another Successful Girl Geek Dinner at the Perfortress


Over 200 girl (and guy) geeks attended ‘Girl Geek Dinner #64 at Perforce Software: Collaboration, Not Competition.’ The theme of the event was based on P4 Commandment #8: We are one team. We are not in competition with each other. (Read about the P4 Commandments here.)

Fostering collaboration over competition is also the motto of Ari Horie, our keynote speaker. Ari is the founder of Women’s Startup Lab  and was recently named one of the CNN’s 10 Visionary Women. She spoke about pushing ourselves to be “extra-ordinary”, embracing our differences, and being creatively persistent when we hear no.

Our very own Kathy Baldanza donned a purple wig and gave a talk on her favorite P4 Commandments, reminding us that every day is the best day of our life. Other Perforce girl geeks – Carrie Ewing, Billie Mandel, Steph Turner, Liz Lam and Shimada Bryant – also talked about their own favorite commandments and how they suited their personalities. Steph Turner and Ksenia Burlachenko hosted a break-out session on collaboration between generations using Swarm, packing our beloved fishbowl to the gills with geeks. As always, MC Laurette Cisneros kept the crowd engaged throughout the evening, oftentimes roaring with laughter.


Our signature P4PUNCH was poured alongside nibbles from Brown Sugar Kitchen and B-Side BBQ. The candy and coffee bar at the end of the night was a hit, and attendees left the Perfortress high on life, sugar and caffeine!

Here is the cocktail recipe for those of you who inquired!

(makes 12 drinks)

18 oz. Blanco Tequila
12 oz. Fruitlab Hibiscus Liqueur
1 can frozen limeade concentrate
Soda water

Mix tequila, hibiscus liqueur and limeade concentrate in pitcher.
Pour mixture into rocks glass with ice, filling half way.  Fill glass
the rest of the way with soda water and stir. Garnish with blackberries
or a lime wedge and enjoy!

A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event! Don’t forget to check out our photo album on Facebook.