March 19, 2015

The Buzz at This Year's Embedded World


Embedded World is the largest event of its kind. The conference is a feast of delights for the nearly 25,000 attendees who descend upon Nuremberg each year.

Internet of Things


Embedded World captures industry trends and “buzz” like no other event.  The theme of this year’s conference was “We Are the Internet of Things.” IoT found its way into every aspect of the event. In his opening keynote, Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, explained how the IoT will bring not only more convenience and usability but also greater health and safety. He outlined how current and future IoT hardware and software platforms form hubs, and discussed the challenges tomorrow’s IoT components must overcome.

Our own Mark Warren, European Marketing Director at Perforce was similarly quoted in Electronics Weekly, “We are already witnessing this new wave of technology turning up in our everyday lives, from the increasingly intelligent devices in our homes, to cars that are connected back to the workshop, to the trains and planes in which we travel. And while software’s role in electronics design is nothing new, the IoT has brought it even more to the forefront.”

The very nature of the IoT means a far more cohesive approach across hardware, software, communications and applications. Seamless collaboration across these once fragmented disciplines is integral to the success of our connected future. Yet a recent report from McKinsey indicates the shift to will pay rich dividends. The report estimates that IoT has the potential to unleash $6.2 trillion of new global economic value by 2025. 

Cross-team collaboration takes center stage with IoT. Applying the right tools and processes will help to keep these complex projects and their many moving parts on track. Industry pioneer NVIDIA offer a great example of this brand of global collaboration. Have a look at the video use case to learn more.