November 17, 2010

Call for "Papers" -- P4CON2011!


2011 Perforce User Conference image 2011 is an at-home year for the Perforce User Conference -- San Francisco is where we'll be. (Woohoo!) Our call for "papers" has been posted.

I write "papers" in quotes because we'll be scheduling presentations in a variety of formats. Every year we get heaps of proposals for presentations that are piquant but difficult to slot. They're too long, too short, too general, or too specific, for the typical 45-minute sessions. And every year our conference gets bigger and more diverse. So this year, we're changing two things. First, we're multi-tracking. Some sessions will be scheduled in parallel so attendees can focus on the topics they care about. Second, we're mixing up the presentation lengths so that great short topics don't have to be dragged out or left out. This should make for a rich three days of conference. If you're thinking of presenting, fantastic! Our theme this year is "Roadmap to Innovation". You have until December 31 to consolidate your ideas and write up a proposal. Here are some tips:

  • Put yourself in your audience's shoes. If you had to listen to you, what would you get out of it?
  • Check the archives for prior art. If your topic overlaps one that was already presented, focus on what's new or different in your experience.
  • Have good visuals. If you don't have good visuals, have a phenomenal stage presence. If you have neither, send us your proposal anyway -- your topic may fit nicely in one of our rapid-fire slots, where each of several presenters gives a brief synopsis of material we'll make available on our conference site.

On a side note: Although my inner grammarian winces every time I do it, I have begun using the word "prezo" in conversation and emails. It's definitely a better word than "papers" for the gamut of today's knowledge transfer vehicles. Perhaps we'll post a "Call for Prezos" in a future year.