August 27, 2014

Celix at MERGE 2014: Faster Deployments With Perforce and Puppet

MERGE User Conference

One of the many things I like about Perforce is that it can help make the switch from semiautomatic scripted deployments to modern IT automation with Puppet.

With its speed and scalability, Perforce takes in all existing assets like binaries, scripts, config files—even database dumps or VM images—and helps restructure your deployment assets to modular code lines. Perforce’s P4D versioning engine provides the single source of truth for all assets while Perforce Swarm provides reviews for changes. Perforce can be used with both the Puppet Master and managed nodes. On top of that, new integrations make it easy to use unique features like Perforce Streams to manage the state of servers.

Companies using Perforce and Puppet can practice Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and make big scary deployment events a thing of the past. In this session at the MERGE conference, I’ll share the experiences we’ve gained in recent Puppet automation projects that show how unique Perforce is in its performance, scalability and flexibility.


MERGE 2014, the Perforce Conference, is September 17-19 in San Francisco. Register now to hear from Celix and other innovators!