August 4, 2016

ChinaJoy 2016: A Vendor Perspective


ChinaJoy is the much snappier name for the China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference. Based in Shanghai, it’s the best event to attend in China for the Digital Entertainment Industry, so this year Perforce took a direct booth to capture as many leads as it could from both local Chinese gaming companies and global gaming organisations in attendance.

Despite the fact that we had never met before, Sean Shou and myself were thrown together along with local assistance from our Chinese partner, Shanghai DragonSoft Digital Technology, to drum up business. The event is divided into two sections: business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B), the area where we were located.

Business was brisk throughout the three days and we came away with over 300 leads – most of which are brand new contacts for Perforce. ChinaJoy is an eye-opening event. Our B2B area was pretty cool, but on Saturday I was blown away by the B2C area – stands the size of football pitches with billboard-sized monitors all showing off the latest and greatest in gaming technology in unique Chinese fashion. To give you an idea about the scale of this event, there were over a dozen halls at full capacity with stands and visitors - so many of them, in fact, that it was a struggle to move at times. And just as we have seen at other events this year, it’s VR that is really capturing everyone’s imagination.

Apart from meeting new names and faces, it was great to see so many of our existing customers in attendance, too – here’s to adding some of those new logos we discovered to the Perforce family soon!