March 11, 2016

Cirrus Logic at MERGE 2016: Brokering Helix for Fun and Profit

MERGE User Conference

I’m a big fan of personally handling the stuff I know, but for everything else I prefer to pay others. While my wife or I can manage the checkbook, for high finance we’ll call a broker.

P4D does what it does very well. The scalability and reliability are impressive. But it doesn’t do everything and that’s where we call P4Broker.

Brokers decide where things such as money or P4 requests should go, and how. At Cirrus Logic, we’re big fans of making the Helix experience as seamless as possible for the user. Handling new and changed functionality via P4Broker helps us do that.

Where does P4Broker work well?

  • Performing complex operations without adding load or latency to P4D
  • Extending P4D capability, whether to some or all users
  • Restricting P4 capability to certain users
  • Adding or removing functionality
  • Hiding details from users

Where do challenges arise?

  • Anything requiring user interaction
  • Cases where we cannot possibly add a femtosecond of delay to having a P4 command run

If you’re in that last category, P4Broker can’t help you, and you should probably be immersing your network gear and cables in liquid nitrogen or something. For everyone else, we have some useful tips; check out our MERGE 2016 talk on World Domination through Helix Broker.