May 7, 2009

Of Code and Cocktails - the 2009 Perforce User Conference

MERGE User Conference

Perforce users and staff mixed it up for 3 days at the 2009 Perforce User Conference at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

The presentations included a keynote by Robert X. Cringely, and talks by Pixar, Google, VMware, NVIDIA, Junction Point Studios, Bio-Rad, and Smart Bear. Perforce developers and consultants also presented, including p4 bloggers Tom Tyler, Rusty Jackson, Kevin Sawicki, Sven Erik Knop, and James Creasy. Perforce consultant Richard Baum, referred to in a #p4conf tweet as "the pink suited presenter", talked about high availability and disaster recovery solutions for Perforce. Meanwhile, @p4jameswas tweeting updates about the proceedings and after parties.

pink suited presenter
Perforce Consultant Richard Baum in his fabulous pink suit!

The theme of the conference was "Make the Connection", and there were plenty of  opportunities for making connections with live tech support, usability testing, workshops, discussions, networking, and a little partaking of the fabulousness of Las Vegas. A Libations and Integrations margarita party sponsored by Perforce partners Smart Bear and Electric Cloud, and a Hawaiian Luau by the Flamingo Pool, featuring  Perforce's official cocktail the "p4 obliterate" (sort of like a Cosmopolitan but with mango), hula dancers, and a gold sequined disco tiki limbo dancer, rounded out the entertainment.

We always enjoy the opportunity to connect with our customers. Steve Voudouris from DST Output said it nicely: "It was very cool to have the opportunity to meet you. Your group's skills and elegant sense of purpose is without peer."

Thanks, Steve.  We feel the same way about you, and all our customers.

See you at the next conference!