November 14, 2013

Collaboration on the Road: Wish You Were There!


Last week, we packed up the elephants and acrobats and embarked on a Collaboration Tour with stops at the Ace Hotel in New York and Harpoon Brewery in Boston. We had a solid afternoon of talks from both customers and Perforcians for both days. Our fearless leader Christopher Seiwald kicked off the event talking about how Perforce fits into the continuous delivery pipeline. This lead into two great talks; one by Adam Siemiginowski from Procter & Gamble on how they use Perforce to continuously deliver gigabytes of 3D assets across the world, and one by Mark Ullman of Mathworks on how they use Streams to organize highly componentized development with hundred of developers.  After a brief break, Charlie McLouth from Perforce and myself shared the roadmap of Perforce and demo’d a couple recent tools such as Swarm and Insights.

As is always true with these sorts of events, the best part was getting to talk with all of the Perforce users in attendance. There was an amazing variety of companies present, all of which are pushing Perforce in interesting ways. I’m pretty sure every conversation could have made for a solid presentation itself.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us, we have made the slide decks available. If you have any questions about what you see there feel free to hit me up on the forums or in our IRC channel on


The presentations are available on SlideShare:

  • Keynote: Hear from Perforce CEO Christopher Seiwald on the evolving role version management is playing in enabling organizations to migrate to Continuous Delivery.
  • Git Fusion: See how Perforce can manage your Git repositories and improve your Git users’ lives with Git Fusion.
  • Swarm: The what’s and why’s of Perforce Swarm, our global code collaboration platform.
  • 100x and Insights: Information on our upcoming scalability improvements and our version control data mining tool, Insights.
  • MathWorks: See how MathWorks is using version management to increase the speed and predictability of their product releases.
  • Procter & Gamble: See how Procter & Gamble is using version management to increase the speed and predictability of their product releases.