April 15, 2010

Countdown to the 2010 Perforce User Conference: Google's Geoff Mendal

MERGE User Conference

With the conference only three weeks away, Geoff Mendal shares a little information about his upcoming presentation, Developing and Maintaining an Online Strategic Perforce Plan @ Google.


Background: Geoff is a Senior Staff Systems Admin at Google. He spends most of his time managing the Perforce Admin team and is responsible for planning and setting their Perforce strategy, used by over 10,000 internal customers worldwide.

What will attendees learn from your presentation?

I will emphasize the importance of devoting time to writing and maintaining a strategic plan for the Perforce services that they administer for their various companies. Making this a priority and keeping it up-to-date are worth the effort even though the ROI may not be realized immediately. While not every aspect of the Google plan pertains to their situation, reviewing the facets of what we are doing will give them a leg up on launching their own effort at their company.

Has Google benefited from developing such a plan?

When Google started performing this effort, we were not certain where it would lead or what its ultimate value would be. Five years later, we continue to reap dividends from having gone through the effort of writing a strategic plan and reviewing/updating it on a periodic basis.

When Geoff is not working, he’s pursuing his passion for cooking. He recently completed a full culinary school program and is doing a 6 week culinary externship in a corporate kitchen (not Google) which serves over 1500 meals a day to hungry high tech professionals like himself. You can hear Geoff’s full presentation, Developing and Maintaining an Ongoing Strategic Perforce Plan @ Google, at the 2010 Perforce User Conference, which will be held  May 11 - 12 in Old Windsor, UK.