July 17, 2015

Dockercon 2015: The Big Announcements


You've probably heard about the latest trend in the technology industry - microservices and their containerization. Docker is the technology that defines containers and enables microservices to be easily adopted in all parts of the software engineering cycle: in dev, test, and devops. Last month, Docker experts and newbies alike arrived in San Francisco to hear the latest announcements about the technology and to discuss the best practices and use cases.

Here is a roundup of the most exciting announcements from the conference.

Probably the most exciting announcement for the opensource world is the Open Container Project (OCP) - a new Linux Foundation initiative united with the idea to agree on a standard container runtime and image format to prevent fragmentation. This set of common, minimal standards is something that is very much missing from containerization technology right now, and OCP hopefully will change that. As a part of this announcement Docker opensourced its conatiner format and runtime, runC, designed for security and ready for production use. Besides Linux, runC also runs containers on Windows 10 (with the direct help of Microsioft engineers contributing to runC).

Perforce's longterm customer and partner, VMWare, introduced a preview of Project Bonneville, which enables deployment of Docker containers directly in vSphere.

During the keynote on day two, Microsoft demonstrated the first ever multiplatform application built, shipped, and executed using Docker which can be deployed on both Windows Server and Linux.

Here at Perforce, our Helix Git Fusion team has been leveraging Docker since its beta release as a vital component of our continuous delivery pipeline, with a full suite of integration tests between Git Fusion, Helix Versioning Engine, and Git. We can't wait to see how container technology develops in the future!