May 15, 2009

Don't Be a Pioneer!


Warning: This is a shameless plug for Perforce Consulting Services!

We're seeing a lot of legacy SCM systems migrations to Perforce these days. While we like to think we're always useful, the value proposition for consulting services is particularly high when you're doing migrations from one specific technology to another. That's where "Been there, done that!" experience can really make a difference.

There's no need to be a pioneer when you're doing SCM migrations! Why wouldn't you want to be a pioneer? Aren't they the brave, glamorous trendsetters, discoverers of new technology? Nah -- more often the pioneer is the guy found dead by the side of the road, with an arrow in his chest! Better to hire a guide who has trodden that path path before.

Pioneers -- They should have hired a guide!
Pioneers -- They should have hired a guide!

Replacement of your SCM system can be a major undertaking. The SCM system is the foundation of any software production line, and replacing the foundation is tough, especially when the house is being used! But don't let that deter you, because as the foundation, the capabilities and limitations of your SCM system determine, to a large degree, the capabilities and limitations of your entire software development organization. Get the right tools, and boost your developers to the top of their craft!

Looking to replace ClearCase? Talk to us about it. Many Perforce fans who have been playing the SCM game for a long time were ClearCase admins once upon a time.