March 31, 2014

Focus on Features: New in Surround SCM 2014

Surround SCM
IMG_0789 smallWe’ve already covered the Find in Files and Sparse Branching features, but what else is new in Surround SCM 2014? Let’s take a look. One handy new feature is the licenses in use screen. This screen will show you who’s logged in, what type of license they’re using, and how long they’ve been using it. Surround SCM 2014 now supports Unicode files when doing code reviews and annotations. This has been a frequent request from Visual Studio users and others who work with UTF-8 or UTF-16 files. The 2014 release also features some code review enhancements. Code reviews that contain multiple versions of the same file will ensure that comments associated to a certain line and version now stay with that line if it moves in a later version. This is especially useful for those of you who have complex code review processes. Finally, the open local file feature allows you to choose which copy of a file you want to open. In the past, Surround SCM always showed a copy from the server when viewing or editing. With open local file, you can view your local copy first.