September 3, 2014

Forrester & Seapine Webinar on the Internet of Things

WebinarBannerIt’s time for companies to acknowledge the central role software has in their future success and better understand the challenges it poses to their product development practices. Software is the key differentiator in today’s products. When done right, smart products enable premium pricing and drive increased customer retention and loyalty. To realize these benefits, organizations need to rethink the way they develop and deliver products to market. Software extends and complicates the product lifecycle. Customers expect frequent updates and longer life out of smart products. Meeting those expectations requires longer maintenance lifecycles within a continuous delivery environment, and often results in a proliferation of product variants out in the field. Software increases the risk and pain of product failure. Software is a double-edged sword, adding a layer of complexity to your product but also making the product more indispensable to customers. In this environment, meeting quality expectations is more challenging while the backlash from customers for failing to do so is harsher. WebinarBanner Guest Speaker John McCarthy, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., will share his insights into the challenges companies face when integrating software into existing product development and manufacturing processes. Matt Harp, Seapine’s Product Marketing Director, will also discuss how the right product development solution can improve your development practices and help your company innovate with software. During this live, 60-minute event, you’ll learn about:
  • Specific benefits companies across a variety of industries are realizing from integrating software into their existing physical products.
  • Hurdles and common pitfalls companies face as they learn to manage the added complexity of integrating software into their physical products.
  • An integrated product development solution that can help you overcome those complexities.