March 17, 2015

GDC 2015: Happy Hour, Helix, and Hair o' the Dog


The record breaking crowd at GDC 2015 produced a steady stream of attendees stopping by our booth to talk shop, chat about their current products, and learn about the new Perforce Helix platform, which adds DVCS, Git Management, IP Threat Detection, and a free Cloud Edition to Perforce SCM. When they weren't checking out hot new Virtual Reality devices and platforms, happy folks crowded the aisle during our Happy Hour, and recovered at our Recovery Lounge. 


Game developers love Perforce for it's speed, ease of use across multisite teams, and ability to manage any type of file—including large binaries, and we're always excited to see so many of our customers among the Game Developers Choice Award winners. Congratulations to Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, who won Game of the Year for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Creative Assembly for Best Audio for Alien: Isolation; Hearthstone for Best Design for Heroes of Warcraft; and Bungie/Activision for Best Technology for Destiny. But not only the big studios use Perforce - many Indie shops take advantage of our free 20/20 version.

It's Game Over for now, but we look forward to GDC 2016, and GDC Europe 2015. To those of you who were disappointed that our swag - those putty bouncing balls weren't Jello shots? There's always next year!