December 6, 2011

Girl Geeks Take Over the Perfortress


Last Thursday, over 200 geeks from around the Bay Area partied and networked at the Perfortress for the 14th Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner - it was an electric night of new connections and girl geeky-ness! We ate Pad Thai out of pink Chinese food boxes, drank the new Perforce signature drink – the P4D-lish! – and ate pink and purple candy off of the candy bar. The photo booth hosted by HR was busy all night and there was major interest in all of the open job positions.

The P4D-lish cocktail


P4D-lish Cocktail Recipe
1 part Absolut Citron
1 part Cran-Pomegranate Juice
1 part Lemonade
1 part Sparking Water

Combine and serve over ice with a raspberry garnish!

Besides drinking, eating, and getting cool swag, everyone learned something new. Kathy Baldanza, Perforce VP of Engineering spoke about the history of Perforce, the importance of versioning, why we believe in giving back, and the life-altering effect mentors can have ("If you can't find one, be one"). Girl geeks from Perforce shared moments they realized they were girl geeks (more about this on Dorthy Santos' blog) and Laurette Cisneros (Build & Release Manager) folllowed up by sharing about the Perforce Foundation.

It was standing room only at Steph Turners’ P4 demo. The Time-lapse View of women engineers at Perforce, and Jason Gibson’s “face on the database” Revision Graph were both huge hits. The Perforce Chronicle demo was an instant hit as well with full seats for both showings. Liz Lam got great kudos on Facebook for her “HelloGirlGeekWorld” custom code at the P4Eclipse demo station and there were people huddled around the User Experience Research station throughout the night.

Networking bingo winners walked away with P4Rename plushies and one lucky guest who donated a toy or food for the holiday drive walked away with an Amazon Kindle Fire.

As heard in the coat check:

“Wow, that was fun AND I learned 10 new things today!”

“What a fantastic event. So well organized, down to the coat check.”

“You’ve raised the bar for Girl Geek Dinners!”

Here are a few of the many tweets about the event (search #p4ggd on Twitter):

ipsheeta furtado (@ftwipsheeta)
Reppin the East Bay tonight @BayAreaGGD! after a long day, it feels amazingly good to be surrounded by so many tech women #p4ggd

Alisa (@KinkInExile)
I knew I was a geek girl when I dropped out of gym class to take a web design class. #P4GGD
when I got addicted to BBSs & AOL then created a personal webpage with geocities “@BayAreaGGD: ‘when did u know u were a girl geek?’ #p4ggd”

Allison Banks (@alliesuz)
@ prtiffany said “this is the best event of the year.” # p4ggd

ipsheeta furtado (@ftwipsheeta)
BayAreaGGD @Perforce great job on the atmosphere, decor, and music – so much spirit!!

Were you here? We'd love to hear about your favorite moments!