September 15, 2016

Gordon Alexander to Discuss Compliance and Agile at the Liverpool Tester Gathering

How do you prove compliance with industry regulations an Agile development process? How does it affect Agile testers? Gordon Alexander, Seapine Software solutions consultant, will be exploring these questions and more at the Liverpool Tester Gathering on September 29th. Many organizations recognize the value and benefits of Agile, but they believe certain factors prevent them from adopting an Agile process. This is especially true of organizations that need to meet rigorous certification standards, such as FDA regulations or ISO 26262, in large part due to verification and validation activities required to prove compliance. For those organizations, the big question is whether they can reconcile the apparently contradictory desire for an Agile-based R&D process with the mandate to provide verification and validation to meet their standard. So is it possible? Well, Gordon believes the answer is no—unless you use the right tools. At the Liverpool Tester Gathering, Gordon will discuss why Microsoft Office or stand-alone Agile tools can’t support verification and validation activities well enough. He'll also outline the key capabilities you should look for in a tool to support V&V activities as part of an Agile R&D process. Playstation's Gaz Tynan will also be on hand to discuss using data to drive test strategy. There are only five seats left, so reserve your spot today!