September 28, 2010

How To Bulk Edit Jobs in Eclipse


Hello, my name is Liz Lam. My first name is really Elizabeth, but no one ever calls me that. Not even my mother when I used to get in trouble as a kid. There's just one too many syllables and it's just a little too proper for me. Every company I've worked at has given me an email or user names like or Even at Perforce, my user name is "llam". It occurred to me one day that if I wanted to be more accurate, my user name should probably be "elam". There are always interesting questions that arise when someone changes their name. Do I need to get a new driver's license? Will I make it pass TSA at the airport? What happens if there are a lot of jobs assigned to me? How can I easily change them all?

This is where our Eclipse-based "Bulk Job Editor" comes in (Well, for editing jobs - you're on your own at the airport). This handy feature was introduced with our P4Mylyn integration. As an Eclipse user, bulk changes to jobs have never been easier. After installation, I simply:

1.) Open up the P4 Connections view

2.) Right click on an entry and select "Bulk Edit Jobs..."

3.) Select the Owner field to modify

4.) Type in "elam" as my target value

Now, I select the jobs I want to modify.

5.) In the Jobs section, click on the "Add Jobs" button

6.) Enter the Keywords that will return all my jobs: Owner=llam

7.) Select all the jobs (CTRL+A) and then click the "OK" button

8.) Click "Submit"

Voila! All the jobs that were formerly assigned to "llam" are now assigned to "elam."