July 2, 2014

Indie Game Developers are Thrilled with Perforce

Version Control

Game developers in Europe are gearing up for a summer of networking and education as preparations for two of the largest shows in the industry get ready to open their doors: namely Develop in the UK and GDC in Germany. One of the additional highlights of this season is the Develop Industry Excellence Awards Evening, the biggest awards ceremony on the European game development sector’s calendar. The evening has over 500 people attending; representing companies from around the world and takes place on July 9, in Brighton, UK. Perforce has been nominated as a finalist in the Tools – Production Category, which we are very excited about.

Perforce has always been a popular choice with game developers due to its speed, ease of use and ability to manage any type of file—including large binaries, such as the artwork used in games. Our 20/20 Program allows start-ups and small companies to take advantage of our versioning and collaboration solutions for free.

To honor and support the indie and game start-up studios, who can’t always attend prestigious events, such as the Develop Awards, we ran a competition to win seats on the Perforce table during the awards ceremony. The competition asked for entrants to simply finish the phrase of: "We should be at the Develop Awards because..." in 25 words or less. I took great pleasure in judging the entries for their brevity, honesty and humour.

Kinesthetic Games, a start-up studio best known for its motion control enabled action game, Kung Fu Superstar™ and I Fight Bears, an indie games developer of FIST OF AWESOME, were the happy winners.

I Fight Bears humorous winning entry was: “We should be at the Develop Awards because there should be qualified personnel ready to handle the ever-present danger of wild bears gate-crashing the party.”

Nicoll Hunt, founder of I Fight Bears said this when he was told the news:

"It can be tough for new and smaller game developers to muster the means and the funds to attend the big games industry events, so we’re thrilled to be given the chance to rub shoulders with our fellow game developers and learn more about the latest trends in game development.”

Kinesthetic Games winning entry sounded very hopeful with: “We should be at the Develop Awards because this time next year we'll be no doubt receiving a Develop award, so it'll be good to get a close up feel for what that's like.”

Kostas Zarifis, founder and managing director of Kinesthetic Games, replied as follows when he was informed of being a winner:

“Much like most of the AAA industry, I used Perforce back when I was part of that world. To still be able to use this best of breed version management system as a small indie studio is truly awesome. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without Perforce, so I think it’s amazing that they offer their solution for free to the smaller start-up game developers like ourselves.”

Congratulations to our winners. Perforce will be keeping its fingers crossed for winning the award in its nominated category.