May 31, 2011

It's here, it's now - it's the 2011 Perforce User Conference!

MERGE User Conference
Carrie, Lindsay, and Allison
Last minute prep for conference: Carrie, Lindsay, and Allison are labeled

Tech checks in half an hour, then the welcome reception - the 2011 Perforce User Conference is happening now!

Perforce User Conferences are always awesome, but this year we have so much exciting news to share that we decided to do things differently. Everything was on the table - location, format, content, and promotion. We have a new venue and a wider variety of content. We mixed up the format and promoted the conference in new ways to reach more users. And especially different is that after years of keeping quiet about futures, we are sharing our roadmap and innovative product news.

Now we are thrilled to announce that 2011 has broken all previous Perforce conference attendance records, and will deliver more talks, demos, and parties than ever before!

Most importantly, we look forward to more opportunities to exchange ideas and learn what matters to you.

To all of you at the conference - welcome to San Francisco! And to the rest of you - we hope to see you next year. In the mean time keep your eye out for the presentation videos on our website, coming out later this month.