June 20, 2011

Join Us for the Upcoming TDD 101 Learning Series

Last chance to join—Seapine's TDD 101 webinar series starts on Wednesday! In case you haven't heard, our latest webinar series is targeted at helping you improve your test-driven development skills. The series is being led by Katie Dwyer, who is an Agile Services Consultant in Seapine's Agile Services group. Katie is going to cover the following core topics over the course of three classes.
  1. Intro to Test-Driven Development
  2. Writing Good Unit Tests
  3. Beginning TDD in a Legacy System
Register for Seapine's TDD 101 Webinar SeriesBONUS: If you're not able to commit time to attending the free classes, download our new TDD Reference Card to help you start using TDD effectively.